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Getting Started
To get started, you should register in the system, enter the personal account and customize your payment information to receive payments.
Payment settings
In the payment data you can choose a convenient payment system for you, fill in the details and start working.
How can I change my personal information?
Personal data (except e-mail) can be easily changed in the account settings section.
How to change e-mail?
In order to change the e-mail, you should contact the technical support of users.
When are sites and options updated?
Information about the sites of traders and binary options is updated during the day.
What do I get the money for?
Payment is charged for direct participation in transactions and other financial transactions.
How do I get paid?
To receive payment, you should go to the payout order section, enter the desired amount and request a payment.
When are payments made?
The ordered payments are made automatically once a month.
Additional income
We encourage constant and active participants in the partnership program. You can see the details in the personal account - in the section "My status".
What is a referral system?
The referral system is a system of bonuses, thanks to which you can invite new users and get additional profit for this.
How to invite new users?
In order to invite a new user you should go to your personal account, go to the "Referrals" section and use your unique referral link, or use the hot buttons to place an invitation to the social network. networks.
Can I register multiple accounts with the same IP?
No - this is considered as an artificial and unreasonable increase in profitability.
How much can I earn on referrals?
You will be able to receive up to 30% of their income, as well as from $ 0.5 for each new participant.
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