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Solutions for new users
Receiving income right after registration
After free registration for your balance the amount in the amount of $100 will be credited, using it, you will be able to begin to work with primary partitions of the project: "Trading platforms" and "Binary options". Usually income is enlisted in 12 hours from the moment of operation completion.
Whether attachment of own means is required?
No, attachments of own means are not required. The system automatically selects certain fixed the amount for further operation. This amount always shall remain on balance of your account for successful operation with service.
Passive income
In system there are several tools for receiving passive income. The main from them is the referral system. Having invited only several participants, you will be able to receive up to 30% of their income and also of $0,5 for each new participant.
Additional income
Daily visiting the project, you will receive a bonus for long-term cooperation. Besides, to increase the profit you should study the section "My Status". Depending on your status in system all your income, bonuses and rewards will be significantly increased.
In more detail you will be able to get acquainted with all tools in the section "My Account".
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